An Alliance – Customer Focused – Quality Driven

We tap into the world's collective intelligence to help accelerate the go-to-market strategy for your innovative product ideas.

We tap into the world's collective intelligence to help accelerate the go-to-market strategy for your innovative product ideas.

Our "Lean Design thinking" approach is applied to your product ideas. The goal is to tell the story, show the story and to "fail fast, fail cheap" during product idea validation.
We bring multidisciplinary team to create a POC that is cost effective, provides assessment and validation of the idea.

We combine product vision, market needs, user-oriented ideas to conceive a product concept/architecture that forms a robust foundation for NPD.

Our industrial design and product engineering teams work in concert with each other, optimizing features from user's perspective, and thereby enhancing product effectiveness and market value.

With immersive ideation process that involves User focus and empathy study, we evaluate multiple concepts, narrow down to WOW concepts and refine them to provide an effective User centricity and aesthetics

With Additive Manufacturing and other traditional methods, we bring life to product concepts (MVP) to enable a collaborative and effective communication with your stakeholders and to speed up the development process.

With phase gate, "Design for Excellence" and "lean design thinking", we endeavor to develop products fast and cost effectively mitigating and minimizing risks early on. Our immersive multidisciplinary teams work in tandem with ongoing design verification process to effectively convert concepts to "Production Ready Designs" in short duration of time.

In collaboration with our customers we create product specific design validation specifications to enable products go through EVT, DVT, PVT and assure high quality of product design and high yield for production.

With our approach to deliver product designs that are "Production Ready" we bridge the NPI gap fast and take the products quickly through DFMA, DTC, DFQ, DFD. Our global network of manufacturers are pre-qualified and provide fast turnaround for product specific process development and validation.

We involve manufacturers during product design process. The early sharing of product design, vision and goals such as time to market, required engineering capability, flexibility (batch runs), IP rights protection, quality control, warranty and spare parts etc. helps fast audits and qualification.

With global manufacturing network (ISO 9000, 14000, 13485), we assist and manage the complete production scale-up with manufacturing set-up, qualification, PP and MP runs.

We add value though "Value Engineering" and assist in product sustenance for Cost reduction, Component obsolescence, performance enhancements, product refreshing cycle, product end-of-life stages and redesign.

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An Alliance – Customer Focused – Quality Driven


combined experience of over 100 years

Our leading group of scientists and engineers bring a combined experience of over 100 years in a variety of industries such as healthcare, biotechnology, consumer electronics, and more.

With degrees in Mechanical Engineering (Honors) and Masters in Innovation Management from Melbourne Business School, University of Melbourne, Australia, Rajiv has worked at start-ups, mid to large-sized companies in his career spanning over 30 years. With executive and engineering management positions at several companies, Rajiv has been instrumental in bringing several products from concept to production in Automotive, Medical devices, BioTech Diagnostics, Lab Automation, Consumer electronics, Consumer-ware. His expertise expands into setting up accelerated business processes, smart manufacturing processes and systems with quality and regulatory framework. Products developed with his innovative ideas have been awarded Design & Manufacturing Excellence Award. He holds notable patents for some of his work and his customers have benefited in patenting some of the designs under service contracts. He is a transformational forward-thinking leader with global success in leveraging technology as a driving force to provide solutions across various industries. He has been recognized as a Pinnacle professional for his work and inducted as Honored Member into Continental Who’s Who. He is also a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers.​

Yash is a physician with business management education in finance and marketing. He led private equity investments in healthcare and pharma for over ten years. He is well versed with market assessment, competitive intelligence, valuation, due diligence, term sheet, deal structuring, closing and exits. In his role as an investment manager, he steered multiple value creating initiatives in investee companies including lean supply chain management, pharma product portfolio strategy, project evaluation, margin improvement, M&A and corporate development. Prior to entering the corporate world, he managed hospital units in the Army in the field and peace locations. Currently, he is a business consultant focusing on corporate development.

Joseph is MSEE, with expertise in Hardware digital design, Camera, Software Embedded controls, C, C++, Perl, Matlab, image processing, communication protocols, System Reliability, integration, testing, validation, diagnostics, troubleshooting, NPI, production set-up and management, Data mining, BOM management. He is hands-on and has proven success at industries such as Defense, Industrial, Consumer Electronics. He has developed his experience through technical roles at GE, Bryce, Concord Camera, Microsoft, Apple and start-ups in Consumer electronic industry. His strength is his application of knowledge to problem solving, system diagnostics, root cause analysis, troubleshooting to provide a working solution and scaling production with identifying, defining fixtures, GRR and managing the pilot and production runs. In addition, he has good understanding and expertise in Automation, managing CM with security for IP, construct labs, define test and safety specifications.

Nancy is a Quality & Regulatory Assurance leader and brings extensive and broad 25+ years of knowledge in quality management and regulatory affairs. She has proven success in leading teams at various companies to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and meeting goals for quality, product development, operations development and product commercialization. She has developed her experience through roles at Affymetrix (ThermoFisher Scientific), Mast Immunosystems (Hitachi) and leadership roles at other successful startups in the medical devices, biotech industry. Nancy’s strength is her knowledge and expertise in establishing a Quality Management System and design control processes, according to 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485, to meet the needs of the company and delivering to customer satisfaction. She has experience in implementing full electronic quality management system. In addition, she has an overall understanding and experience in managing and auditing quality control, manufacturing/operations and supply chain. Throughout her career, she enjoyed success in transforming quality culture, change management, and continuous improvement.

With degrees in Electrical Engineering (gold medal) and Masters in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, Alok has worked in mid- to large-sized companies in his career spanning over 30 years. He has run several multi-million dollar companies, developed 5 computer systems, several products and applications in HealthCare, Finance and Business Process Management domains. His innovative idea was mentioned in IBM’s annual report. from Business Process management, Robotic Process Automation, CRM, Supply Chain and Intersection of IT and Business.​​

Zuo is PhD EE and Physicist with expertise in Optics, Lasers, MEMS and sensors. His work is in Optical system/instrument design, Laser system design/application, LED, Laser diode, photo detector modules, Nonlinear optics, MEMS devise and sensors, Data analysis with ML. He is hands-on and has proven success in leading teams to develop Medical diagnostic/life scientific instruments, Optical microscopy systems, Optical spectrometers, Opto-mechanical packaging, Laser scanning imaging system for breast cancer diagnosis, Laser scattering in human tissue and cells. He has developed his experience through technical roles at Beckman Coulter, Abbott Laboratories and start-ups in the medical devices, biotech industry. His strength is his application of knowledge to problem solving, defining the core nature of issues, identifying and analyzing root causes and providing a working solution. In addition, he has an overall understanding and expertise of overall system design process from initial specifications and simulation to prototyping and production.

Charles has a degree in Design from Illinois Institute of Technology, with a major in Industrial Design, and minors in Graphic Design, and Photography. He has designed highly profitable products in the fields of Consumer Electronics, Medical Devices, Business Machines, Sporting Goods, and Housewares. Charles created and headed-up Industrial Design and Usability Departments in four corporations, while always remaining hands-on with design work. Having also served as a Project Manager, he led multidisciplinary teams in developing numerous successful products on time, and on budget.Creative and artistically driven, he designs products with eye-catching, desirable aesthetics that stand out with a “Wow” factor. He employs a user-centered design approach which guides his Industrial Design process and provides qualified bases for the design features. His process results in optimized usability for the products he develops. Charles is named in over fifteen issued patents as a result of his inventive designs.