An Alliance – Customer Focused – Quality Driven

We tap into the world's collective intelligence to help accelerate the go-to-market strategy for your innovative product ideas.

We tap into the world's collective intelligence to help accelerate the go-to-market strategy for your innovative product ideas.

Our "Lean Design thinking" approach is applied to your product ideas. The goal is to tell the story, show the story and to "fail fast, fail cheap" during product idea validation.
We bring multidisciplinary team to create a POC that is cost effective, provides assessment and validation of the idea.

We combine product vision, market needs, user-oriented ideas to conceive a product concept/architecture that forms a robust foundation for NPD.

Our industrial design and product engineering teams work in concert with each other, optimizing features from user's perspective, and thereby enhancing product effectiveness and market value.

With immersive ideation process that involves User focus and empathy study, we evaluate multiple concepts, narrow down to WOW concepts and refine them to provide an effective User centricity and aesthetics

With Additive Manufacturing and other traditional methods, we bring life to product concepts (MVP) to enable a collaborative and effective communication with your stakeholders and to speed up the development process.

With phase gate, "Design for Excellence" and "lean design thinking", we endeavor to develop products fast and cost effectively mitigating and minimizing risks early on. Our immersive multidisciplinary teams work in tandem with ongoing design verification process to effectively convert concepts to "Production Ready Designs" in short duration of time.

In collaboration with our customers we create product specific design validation specifications to enable products go through EVT, DVT, PVT and assure high quality of product design and high yield for production.

With our approach to deliver product designs that are "Production Ready" we bridge the NPI gap fast and take the products quickly through DFMA, DTC, DFQ, DFD. Our global network of manufacturers are pre-qualified and provide fast turnaround for product specific process development and validation.

We involve manufacturers during product design process. The early sharing of product design, vision and goals such as time to market, required engineering capability, flexibility (batch runs), IP rights protection, quality control, warranty and spare parts etc. helps fast audits and qualification.

With global manufacturing network (ISO 9000, 14000, 13485), we assist and manage the complete production scale-up with manufacturing set-up, qualification, PP and MP runs.

We add value though "Value Engineering" and assist in product sustenance for Cost reduction, Component obsolescence, performance enhancements, product refreshing cycle, product end-of-life stages and redesign.

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An Alliance – Customer Focused – Quality Driven


Smart & Agile First

Smart First

  • Smart information delivered in real-time
  • Improved inference through multiple data sources

Agile First

  • Quick, incremental improvements
  • Faster process improvements

Smart First Approach
Being “Smart First” is all about focusing on solving the real problems that are often hidden under labyrinths of data. Using various machine learning models our IoT/AI Digital Platform unearths smart information in real-time. This enables us in making smarter decisions. Quick workflows that thread through multiple information sources enable us to derive logical and meaningful inferences. Those inferences improve as more data is collected and inference engine improves as its tuned along the way.

Agile First Approach
Our “Agile First” approach enables us to focus on solving the most pressing efficiency issues first. We pick up the highest delay section of your process and automate to the level that the information or document moves without delay between the people involved in the process. This happens in a couple of weeks. Then we pick up other sections of the process and connect them to the workflow. Once your main process is automated you can incrementally change and deploy the process as you understand newer constraints. This can be done by adding new stages, more parallel tracks or by eliminating unnecessary steps. All the data related to how much time it takes at every stage and the delays at each stage are collected for analysis. This is analyzed and presented to you for decision making.

Adaptable Workflow
Our artificial intelligence engine is trained to recognize causes of bottlenecks and delays, and categorize them into buckets. This allows project owners to follow-up more directly when issues arise. In an advanced version of our project workflow automation, the system will automatically look for relevant project status data by adjusting the frequency of follow-ups and the level of escalation. We call this our “adaptable workflow” approach.